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Some of my favorite projects have been long-form print pieces—booklets and reports, where I am able to build something substantial, consistent and weighty (with the added bonus of being able to count on a bunch of billable hours). Here are some examples of long-form print projects I've done for EXL and Sporting Kansas City's philanthropy.

EXL Digital Intelligence Book

EXL is a huge company—I've lived in towns with smaller populations than EXL has employees—so I was excited to work on this project. An 80-page softcover book, lots of great photos and latitude to present their data in a way that was compelling. Vibrant, engaging, a really nice piece. The client loved it and ended up parceling the different sections out to various departments here and in the UK.

Sporting Kansas City Victory Project Annual Report

I was excited to take on this project for my friends at DEG. The Sporting KC folks set me up with an awesome image library, so that was half the battle. The result was a visually arresting annual report people were excited to read. Click here to view more images.

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