Full disclosure: I got a gig doing live sketching of a product brainstorm meeting in Overland Park, and it was really fun, and they liked my work (it involved pet medication). The assembled group talked, and I drew what they talked about. Afterward, they had a great visual depiction of their meeting, and everyone loved it. However, since I signed a NDA, I can't actually show THAT work, so instead, enjoy the warm-up sketches I did of the episode of Gray's Anatomy my wife was watching at the time. I'm a member of the International Forum of Visual Practitioners. If you think you could use a service like this, call me, we'll talk.

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Picture this: you're hosting a social event, open house, whatever, and there's a guy walking around drawing bad sketches of your guests. You would be amazed how much people enjoy this—I know I was. Armed with a clipboard, a fat Sharpie and a beer, I will draw 2-minute cartoons of your guests, giving them a unique experience and a memento of the evening.

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