After all this, I still have a junk drawer of stuff I don't know exactly where to place, so here it is: packaging, toy design, even some writing. My hope is that at this point you'll be confident that whatever you need, there's a 90% chance I'll be able to handle it, and then you pick up the phone or shoot me an email so we can get rolling.


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Back in the day, when oil was cheap and plastic was plentiful, I designed a lot of toy premiums for restaurants like Rubio's and Sonic. Here are a few—spinning rocket tops (I designed the characters), see-through books, card games. Every month was something new. Note: art on the Mucho Nibbles card decks are pure Ed Schlittenhardt, but I did write all the copy on the backs. Yes, I can do that too.



Kind of a one-off, but I designed this van wrap for Free State Brewery in Lawrence. Always fun to see your work out in the world.


A big project—huge graphics, co-branded booth, definitely a challenge. Turned out great.

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